Owen is an agricultural consultant with a passion for all things agriculture and has experience across a wide range of crops and industries. 

Originally from a dairy and sugarcane background, Owen qualified from Cedara Agricultural College (South Africa) in 1991.

After many years in the financial industry Owen and his family relocated to Australia in 2009. 

For the last 13 years he has been working mainly in the berry industry but has also consulted to macadamia, avocado, lychee and other stone fruit growers. 

Owen has extensive experience in protected cropping, hydroponics, irrigation, entomology and farm management. 

Currently Owen is combining his experience in the many realms of agriculture plus the financial industry to consult with farmers and to advise in strategic agricultural decision making.

From the pursuit of higher yields, optimising profits in the short and long term, combining new technologies and assessing the impact on cash flow, to the return to more sustainable agriculture practices…there are many exciting opportunities and directions in agriculture these days and Owen hopes to make a difference for his clients by helping them navigate through it all.

Contact Details

Owen Donnellen


ph 040 333 1957