Asher HammondAsher Hammond is from a horticultural background (stone fruit, veges, citrus, wine grapes) growing up in the Riverland in South Australia, he studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Adelaide – Waite campus before beginning a career in crop protection and more recently recruitment.

He has worked in both Southern Australia and Northern Australia and is interested in new technologies across agronomy, production systems and precision agriculture – hence his involvement with the group for over 10 years.

At Agrijobs Australia we live by the belief that the most important component of every business is their people. Our aim is to ensure that our clients exceed their business goals and objectives. We add value to them by identifying and attracting the best talent to drive innovation and productivity.

Our value is our ability to deliver the best human resource solutions at critical times of change and growth within an organisation.

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Asher Hammond

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