Eddy Dunn is a highly experienced agronomist with Total Grower Services in the Burnett Region. He is passionate about pest management and the cultivation of fruit and veges. He has been working as an agronomist in the Bundaberg region for nearly 20 years.

Eddy grew up on a mixed orchard at Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt highlands of SE Queensland. He studied at UQ Gatton, and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental and Production Horticulture.

Eddy is Fertcare accredited. He has represented Queensland on the Australian Macadamia Society’s industry reference group for pest and disease control.

Eddy has specialist skills in tree crops and horticulture and has extensive experience in pest management systems for macadamia, avocado, passionfruit, lychee, mango and melon crops.


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Eddy Dunn

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