You need to have a relevant degree in Horticulture/Agriculture/Applied Science from a recognised institution with at least 2 years experience as an ‘independent’ consultant. An independent consultant is one who receives fee for service.
Service to the Horticultural industry includes consultancy /advisory services in one of the following fields of expertise:
  • Pest Management, Crop Nutrition, Irrigation, Crop Production, Field Research, Industry Research, Marketing, Quality Management.
  • Associate Diploma qualification with 4 years experience with or as an independent consultant.


You must have a minimum of 4 years experience working in a horticultural enterprise.

  • Understand and meets professional and ethical responsibilities to clients.
  • No criminal record in the past 10 years and have no objection to a criminal check being made by the selection panel.
  • Submission and review of Curriculum Vitae/Resume to a panel.

Membership status to be reviewed annually.

All prospective members to be nominated by an existing member in writing.Review panel to have discretionary powers to admit new members. Review panel to be elected annually.

Fees – Full membership $100

  • Associate members do not have the right to vote at AGM.