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Trichogramma specialist
Trichogramma for Mac Nutborer

Total Grower Services 

(Crop Nutrition, IPM monitoring, Soil Health Specialists)

Tully, Tablelands, Bundaberg, Lockyer

Info Pest

Chemical registrations & permits

Australasian Biological Control Inc

Beneficial insects and mites available in Australia & NZ

Metagen Laboratory

Biological balancing and Soil Heath Specialists

Australian Macadamia Society

All things Macadamia

Biomites P/L
IPM in strawberries specialist
Persimilis producers

Bowen Crop Monitoring
Crop consultants

Bugs for Bugs

Crop consultants and supplier of beneficial insects

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Chemical Registrations

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Chemical Permits

Croptech Research/T-Systems

Crop consultants, leaf analysis, irrigation

Queensland’s fruit and vegetable producers

HAL Project-IPM in Sweet Corn

Insect Pest Management in sweet corn

Agricultural Recruitment

Subtropical Fruit Farm Consultancy Services