screenshot-sep-27-03-43-18Richard Llewellyn

Richard has been working in the area of biological pest control since the early 1980’s. He has help develop a number of commercial biocontrol agents and programs for their use. These include Phytoseiulus persimilis, Trichogramma pretiosum and T. carverae, Trichogramma toideacryptophlebiae (MacTrix), and more recently Anastatus sp wasps targeting fruitspotting bugs. He is now working on Trissolcus basalis for Green Vegetable Bugs as well as inter-row management practices to encourage beneficial insects.

BioResources currently supplies “MacTrix” for macadamia nutborer and Anastatus wasps for fruitspotting bugs and Green Lacewing Adults a generalist predator for orchard and field crops and has a limited quantity of Trissolcus for GVB.

Richard is available to discuss the suitability of these biocontrol agents for your farm and how they can be integrated into your pest management programs.

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Richard Llewellyn


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