Screenshot Mar 08 21.59.34Jeff has been pest scouting around the Atherton Tablelands and Mareeba Dimbulah Irrigation Area since 1992.

After a brief foray into electrical engineering proved uninspiring, he returned to university to study biological science with a strong interest in invertebrates and especially insects. It was during this time that he became aware of the work done on citrus IPM by Dan Papacek and the late Dan Smith.

He gained his initial experience in pest scouting with Dan Papacek of Bugs for Bugs in Mundubbera beginning in 1990. After initially moving north to take part in a HRDC funded project to develop and promote citrus and papaya IPM, Jeff established himself as a private consultant.

Jeff now works across the wide spectrum of orchard crops in the region.

Contact Details

Jeff Watson

0429 924 059