Simon is a horticultural agronomist based in Stanthorpe Queensland servicing the fruit and vegetable industry. Simon has been providing agronomic advice for 18 years and joined the Orchard Services team in 2010. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hort) from the University of Queensland Gatton.

He has a strong background in all aspects of optimising crop production, and in recent years has focussed on vegetable and strawberry production. Simon has worked as an agronomist with Stanthorpe based resellers and also employed directly by one of the districts industry leading apple producers. In the mid 90’s he was an irrigation consultant based at Stanthorpe servicing SE Qld where he gained experience with tree crops, vegetables, ornamentals and turf.

Contact Details

Simon Organ

Horticultural Agronomist

Orchard Services

0459 762 888